Your life, your responsibility

Sometimes it seems easier to allow others run our lives for us. But then we complain and make excuses why things are not going our way or making us happy. These are left over feelings from our childhood and should be left there as they are not serving us now.

So what happens if we don’t take responsibility for our own lives. When responsibility for our lives is given to others, then this determines who has the power, who sets the standards or rules and who enforces the rules. We live in a state of dictatorship and we become a victim and an effect of someone’s will.

You will be surprised by how many people are living this way. We have a choice to become a victor, we have a choice on how to respond to the challenge life throws us. Do you want to be a passenger in someone else’s life or do you want to be the driver of your own life?

Your life is entirely yours and you are responsible for it. Embracing this foundational principle will lead to happiness and success in every area of your life. You have the freedom and power to respond in any given situation and to choose the path that will achieve the best outcome, given any constraints. There is a sense of freedom when you realise no one can live your life for you or you for them.

Let's stop blaming others for the hand dealt to us and start today to live our lives with positive and meaningful responses. There is a sense of freedom when you know you don’t have to shoulder the responsibility for anyone’s life but your own.

Realise what’s your circus and your monkey’s and know what’s theirs. You don’t have any control over the responses of others, so don’t take things personally. We seem to have the default mindset that the world is out to get me and interactions with others will be taken personally. Instead, assume everyone loves you and take the meaning as a problem that’s theirs to deal with. Therefore, nobody can make you feel, say or do anything you don’t want to do, unless you give them permission. Don’t give them that permission. Your thoughts, deeds, words and actions are your own. Own it and be accountable for it.

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