Why we love Valentines Day

Valentines Day can be divisive.

Optimists and lovers of love welcome the opportunity to celebrate all things love and romance. Cynics hate the commercialism and sometimes onerous obligations and expectations that are part and parcel of the day.

And while we understand the criticisms and drawbacks of Valentines Day, we at Metanao are big fans.

Valentines Day gives people a (not so subtle) reminder to take time to celebrate their relationship and to show their loved ones that they care. Our lives, and the lives of our clients, are so busy and jam-packed that we often forget how important it is to show our other half how much we value them. But it is impossible to forget to prioritise love when there are hearts and snuggly couples all over the place!

Small demonstrations of appreciation like giving flowers or chocolates can strengthen your relationship in the long term, particularly where you are too busy or cash-strapped for regular date nights. While big romantic gestures are nice, small but equally thoughtful gestures help to keep your relationship nourished between big milestones.

This is particularly important once kids come along because there can be the tendency to focus all your time and attention on your kids, and forget to devote time and attention to your relationship. Valentines Day provides an annual reminder that your relationship is important too!

If you don't like the commercialism and exploitation of the day, make your own special tradition (whether for Valentines Day or at another time of the year) that is dedicated to showing your love and appreciation of each other. Set a little reminder to send your partner a lovely meme or quote to let them know that you're thinking of them.

And, if you're still not convinced, at least there is always the chocolate!

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