The flower logo explained

Metaphors are a profound way of explaining complex phenomena. Metanao’s logo is one such metaphor, using a known image to explain the concept of growth in your relationship.

When starting off in a new relationship, your relationship can be thought of as a bud. A young plant needs sun, rain and good soil to grow. It develops first into a bud then morphs into a full beautiful bloom, and its beauty touches the lives of everyone who sees it. Gardeners carefully nurture the plant to ensure they get the best blooming flower.

Plants need the right care to flourish

So what do rose plants need to bloom? They need a good sunny spot because they grow best in full sun. They require mulching to ensure the plants stay cool, and to stop weeds from choking them. Plants require regular water as water plays a critical part in the process of creating their own food. Lastly, they require pruning. Roses can be attacked by diseases, and the best way to fight disease is to keep them strong. Removing unwanted root suckers, and any dead, diseased, or damaged growth will produce lush blooms on sturdy stems.

Your relationship also needs care and attention to grow

Let’s relate this metaphor back to your relationship. When you begin a new relationship, you both take on the role of gardeners of your relationship rose plant. To ensure your relationship blooms into the best flower, it needs both of you to contribute and nurture your relationship. A rose plant needs the sun to grow and bloom, and so does your relationship. Both of you must have a sunny attitude and positive disposition. Laughing, playing and generally having fun together plays an important part in the growing and blooming process. Look for the positives in each other. Realise you are on the same page, going in the same direction and that you want the best for each other: to have a happy, successful and wonderful shared life together.

The mulch of your relationship is to surround yourself in honesty, openness, and sharing and to protect your relationship from damaging outside influences. Communication that shares your deepest thoughts and feelings. You need to listen to each other, and respond with love. Encourage each other when life gets hot, to keep your relationship cooler. When you come up against the outside stressor weeds, comfort, support and kind words can stop the weeds choking your relationship.

Regular watering is vital for plants to grow. Touch is the water for your relationship. Your relationship will not be the best bloom it can be without it. Non-sexual touching (hugging, kissing, tickles or stroking skin) very regularly tells your partner you trust them. A hug can reduce stress and anxiety. Touching will bring you closer and help create a stronger bond between you both. Touching helps in your overall health and happiness and creates a strong emotional connection: feeling better and feeling loved is the result. Be aware that the first indication you are having relationship problems is that you stop intentional non-sexual touching. If you used to touch and don’t any more, get help!

A rose requires pruning to be the best it can be. In your relationship, where there is trust and a desire for the best for your partner is where the pruning process occurs.

Your partner, through love and total acceptance of you, can help you to be the best person you can be and help you to grow into your own person. They can call you out on why you made a particular decision. They can challenge you to not settle for less than your best. They can be your sounding board when you are required to make tough decisions. They can constructively criticise you. This is not criticising you as a person but what you are working on with the intention of making it better. They can make suggestions on an alternate route to better achieve your goal, suggest improvements for better outcome or identify how problems could be solved more effectively or efficiently that you hadn’t thought of. Having a person to talk to and discuss the best conceivable way of solving problems is priceless and should not be underestimated. It all comes down to trusting and respecting who each of you are and what you each contribute to the relationship.

Be the best gardener you can be for your relationship

Thus, over time your relationship will reach full bloom and be deeper, more meaningful, and healthier. If you both choose to be the best gardeners you can be and nurture your relationship, you will find that having sturdy stems will enable you to endure whatever outside pressures are thrown at you.

You can see how a simple metaphor can evoke a wealth of meaning. If you want to have a full bloom relationship, call with Sue at Metanao on 0439 294 532. She will teach and guide you how to garden so you can see the possibilities in your own relationship and have the skills to have a strong, long-term relationship.

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