The 3Cs of Choice

The 3Cs of choice are three factors that play into our decision making, and allow us to make well thought out, positive decisions. given all the constraints, a good choice is one with the best outcome.

The 3Cs of choice are:


In most cases, we need to make a choice to overcome a problem that needs solving. Challenges range from small to large, from frivolous to life threatening. Almost every moment of every day we are responding to challenges that pop up.

  • Hungry? –> find food;
  • Poor grades? –> study harder or get a tutor;
  • Want to share your life? –> find a spouse.

Some challenges are a direct result of our actions that we chose to take and many are beyond our control (like natural disasters, sickness or death of a loved one). It is how we choose to face these challenges that differentiates us, either making us stronger or weaker. However, our reaction to life's challenges is our choice.


Actually making a choice is the act of responding to our challenges. It is true that two people with the same challenge can respond differently and end up in very different situations. One may rise above the challenge and inspire the hero stories of their achievements in the face of disaster. Others may give up and end up depressed, and in serious cases, abusing alcohol and drugs potentially leading to crime and violence.

It is in the act of choosing that we have absolute control.


Although we have control over our choices, we cannot foresee the consequences. In this way, while hindsight is a marvellous thing, it is a pity we don’t have foresight. Sometimes consequences take so long to manifest that we think we might have gotten away with our bad choice, but in most cases, it will catch up to us eventually.

As an example, if we choose to eat sugary substances all the time then maybe sooner or later we will gain weight or develop diabetes.

If we choose to want the best for our partners without expectations, then eventually you will have an emotionally passionate relationship.

Despite not be able to predict with certainty what the consequences of our actions may be, we can seek to think through some of the potential outcomes. If the challenge seems too difficult and we can’t see the best outcome then we might ask “what’s the worst that could happen…” to help clarify our thinking.

Your role and duty to yourself is to make more good choices than poor ones. You have all the resources within you to overcome any challenges. If you are struggling and are losing hope, get professional help and turn your life around. It is never too late.

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