Setting Up, Starting Out workshop recap

June saw us hold the first of a new relationship program - Setting Up, Starting Out. This workshop is designed to help couples to move towards having the relationship they desire. We had a range of couples attend the workshop - some were in a long-term relationship but not married, others had been married for 10+ years.

The workshop is based around the idea that any relationship, be it between friends, family, colleagues or partners, consists of three entities: each individual ("I's") and a new unique couple ("us"). Having a strong sense of "I" while in an "us" relation is vital to the success and happiness of each of the three entities.

On the first day of the workshop, we looked at the five pillars that contribute to being an amazing individual. We unpacked the characteristics of the two types of individuals in relationships - differentiated and emotionally fused. We explored the effects that each type has on the relationship. Finally, we looked at the one essential element that bind couples together - love. The couples explored what love is, and how we are biologically engineered to love and be loved in return. We found that love is also a choice expressed through our actions.

The second day began with unpacking what being in a relationship actually means. We explored the non-negotiable of being in a relationship - Communication, Connection and Consideration. Each couple needs all three of these qualities with equal contributions to create the relationship they desire.

The two day workshop was packed with activities, videos and props to illustrate and practically experience the content for greater learning and involvement.

The feedback we received was that the participants were pleasantly surprised by the depth and quality of the content, and the development of new ideas and concepts that they had not come across before. We will be sharing some testimonials from some of the participants over the next few days so keep an eye out!

The next workshop will be in September and will run in the evening from 6-9 pm every week for 4 weeks.

Your relationship is the most important thing in your life, but we are not born with a manual or taught how to be a spouse. Learning how to have the best relationship begins with a choice - to invest in your future and participate in our next workshop.

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Sue is a counsellor and relationship educator at Metanao. Her Setting Up, Starting Out course helps couples to lay the foundations for a satisfying and happy long-term relationship. Learn more here.

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