Quirky physical things you can do to change your emotions

Most of the time our emotions feel like weird, disembodied things that happen to us, rather than things that we control like our arms and legs. We don’t quite understanding how our feelings and emotions work, and sometime they can seem completely out of the blue or out of place.

Our physical bodies do have an impact on what we feel in both clear and fuzzy ways. We all know that we feel a little down if we’re physically tired or have a cold. But there are most subtle ways that our bodies can impact our emotions that we don’t quite understand.

Smile to make yourself happy

Yes, we smile when we’re happy. But smiling can also make us happy!

Smiling can trick your brain in believing that your happy, which can in turn make you feel actually happier. This is because smiling releases certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin which are our “happy hormones”. Dopamine increases how happy we feel, while serotonin reduces our stress levels.

Smiling can also lower stress, boost your immune system, lower your heart rate, lower blood pressure and possibly help you live longer!

So follow the old adage and fake it til you make it!

Lay down during an argument to calm your anger

This is our personal favourite at Metanao. If you’re mid-argument with your spouse, take your partner to a bed or comfy couch and lay down. Research shows that people handle anger differently when they’re lying on their backs, compared with sitting up straight.

While it’s not quite clear why, some scientists have suggested that if we’re lying down, we’re not in an “attack mode”. Sitting or standing means that we are more likely to attack or lash out, and so our emotions react accordingly. Lying down, we’re more likely to brood or think than act. In arguments with spouses or kids, this can mean the difference between escalating or diffusing an argument.

This tip is even more effective if you combine lying down and taking a few deep breaths. Deep breathing helps us to lower our heart rate and stress hormones.

If controlling or managing your emotions is affecting your life and preventing you from developing close relationships, contact Sue on 0439 294 532 for a FREE consultation to see how we can help.

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