Putting “us” at the centre

In all of our lives, there are different factors and focuses constantly pulling at our time and attention. Most of us have partners, work, kids, hobbies, friends, extended family and many other interests tugging at us at all time.

How and where we put our time and attention is a cause of stress and concern for many people. They may worry that they are not spending enough time with their kids or are too focussed on work. Others regret that they have let once treasured hobbies fall by the wayside in favour of other interests and priorities.

Putting your romantic relationship at the centre of your priorities can help you to achieve balance and satisfaction in each of the other areas.

Now, don’t misunderstand us: we’re not saying that you should neglect other interests in favour of spending all your time and energy with your partner. Rather, by ensuring that your relationship is strong and healthy, you will have the support – both physically and emotionally – to pursue your other interests.

For example, a strong partnership with your spouse allows you to discuss, implement and monitor fair division of roles and responsibilities for kids. This can free up time and energy for you to pursue your hobbies, to catch up with friends and extended family, or to dedicate focus to your work.

Similarly, a large part of the burden of work and parenting is the so-called “mental burden” - that is, the time and energy you spend thinking and worrying about what has to be done and whether you are doing a good job. Sharing your concerns and thoughts with your spouse can help relieve you of the mental burden of parenting and work and let you focus that energy somewhere more positive.

Prioritising your relationship with your spouse can be as simple as checking in with them a few times a day to see how they are going. Ensuring that you both feel heard, supported and loved gives you each the confidence and comfort to pursue your other interests knowing that you have the unconditional love and support of your spouse to fall back on. Trying to have a family dinner at the table (without phones!) each time can be a simple and effective way of both checking in with your partner and spending time with your kids each day.

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