Managing your critical inner voice

The critical inner voice - we all seem to have it.

The good news is that that voice is not you and you are not it. Let’s give it a name - W8 (Weight).

You know the feeling when you hear it. It feels like a huge weight has landed on your shoulders. The vicious voice in our heads have intimate knowledge of our weaknesses and zeroes in on them to make us feel bad about ourselves.

W8 causes thoughts to materialise when you are just about to do something courageous or something you’ve never tried before. Its main goal is to discourage you from succeeding and being happy. W8 is a nagging voice that whispers self-destructive thoughts and barrages our conscious mind in order to undermine the positive feelings we have about ourselves. If we listen to W8 and take on board what it is saying, this will cause us to retreat from the activities that will help us succeed.

Some common self-destructive thoughts W8 uses:

  • I’m so stupid
  • I’m fat and ugly
  • I’m the black sheep and just don’t fit in
  • I don’t have what it takes to be successful
  • No one appreciates how hard I work
  • My partner doesn’t really care about me
  • I’m better off on my own, where I don’t have to answer to anybody
  • Can’t be vulnerable, I’ll just get hurt
  • I’m not worth loving
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m a failure
  • I am too old, too young, too poor, too rich
  • I need to wait until I get everything together
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I can’t do that

The first step is to become conscious of what W8 is telling you. Once we can identify what ammunition W8 uses, then we can fight back.

What is the main negative self-talk that is stopping you from achieving your goals? What would it be better and more productive to think instead?

Rather than giving W8 the time of day, change your thinking by:

  1. focusing on the qualities about yourself that you life;
  2. engaging in a hobby or activity that you enjoy;
  3. distracting yourself with friends and family; or
  4. spending 5 minutes focusing on your breath and calming yourself.

Whatever you do, don't let W8 overpower and overwhelm you!

If you need help learning to managing and control W8, call Sue now on 0439 294 532 for your FREE 15 minute consultation. 

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