How to undertake positive self-development

Wherever you are in your life, you are writing your own story.

You can write the story and craft your life however you'd like by envisioning the person you want to be and then starting (today!) to act like that person, and developing a personal development plan to get you there. Nothing is set in stone: for you to become the best version of yourself is a continual process of personal development. Being consistent and setting and meeting your goals will help you to drastically improve your life.

For many people, personal development occurs infrequently or not at all. People are often stuck in a rut, living without intentional thoughts or actions - letting life slip by them. Other people, however, will check in with their own mental cognition and use personal development as a way of moving forward to the next phase of their life. People who make this choice will feel unusually good and watch as remarkable things begin to happen in their lives.

Over time, we inevitably change. We can either take on board these changes without thinking about whether they will serve us. Or we can, every few years, make the time to change with intention. This latter approach leads to positive personal development.

How do we change with intention?

We use the ‘RARER’ process of personal development, which we will dive into a little deeper shortly. But critically, the word 'rarer' has two meanings:

  1. Not occurring very often; and
  2. Unusually good or remarkable.

This is a very apt word to use to describe the application process of personal development.

So, what is the RARER process of self-development?


Check in on your mental state and reflect, think deeply, and meditate in order to ascertain what’s working for you and what isn’t. You can use the below questions to help prompt your thinking:

  • Thoughts - Is W8 (my own critical inner voice) being more present and listened to than usual?
  • Words - Is what I am saying to myself and others congruent with the person I want to be?
  • Deeds – Am I intentionally doing what needs to be done in my home and work life? Am I performing to the best of my ability in order to accomplish my dreams and goals?
  • Actions – Is the result of what I am choosing to do consistent with who I am?


Once we have reflected and come up with a list of actions we can take, attitudes we can adopt and goals we want to work towards, then we can examine them in detail so that we can explain and interpret ‘why or why not’ the choices we are making may or may not be working for us.


Review your list and with each one, make a firm decision to make the necessary changes to get you back on the path to becoming the person you want to be. Develop a clear and actionable personal development plan that you know how to implement.


Put the planned changes in place and take action!


Once you have taken action, if it is not working, then revise the process and outcomes. Review your goals and determine whether they are still in line with or effective for your personal development plan. Go back to the first step to find out why it didn’t work then continue to work through the steps until your executed personal development plan works.

This is a life time process and, with some things, you may need professional help. Remember that this is your life: getting help does not mean you have failed. All of us are not perfect at everything and it can be in your best interest to get help from people with specific experience.

If you need help to develop and implement your RARER plan for self improvement, call Sue on 0439 29 4532 for your FREE 15 minute consultation.

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