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Personal power

Personal power comes with self-development. We begin to develop it in childhood, and continue to grow throughout our lives.It is about strength, resilience, confidence and the capabilities we develop, with the primary aim to being master self and not others. Personal power is about our own attitude or state of mind, NOT a way to …

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Purpose and vision

Imagine you are dropped off somewhere on this planet. It is your mission to live your life any way you choose for the ± 80 years allotted to you.If you could look back to the beginning, knowing what you know at the end of your life, how would you choose to live? What legacy would …

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Quirky physical things you can do to change your emotions

Most of the time our emotions feel like weird, disembodied things that happen to us, rather than things that we control like our arms and legs. We don’t quite understanding how our feelings and emotions work, and sometime they can seem completely out of the blue or out of place.Our physical bodies do have an …

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