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Transform Your Perspective

Sometimes people get stuck in a never-ending cycle of emotional pain because they haven’t learned how to regulate their reactions. We assist you in gaining control over your emotions and help you create a different perspective on who you are and what you want in life.

 Our goal is to:

help you envision your future

empower you to feel confident to move forward

support you to be transformed

This will enable you to get through any challenges life throws at you.

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About Metanao

Metanao is an ancient Greek verb for “thinking differently”or "to change one's mind".

Relationship issues often stem from us doing the same things over again and expect a different outcome.  If something is not working, we have to start thinking differently. Our name embodies our core values - envision, empower, transform. Our mission is to provide a variety of resources and perspectives so you can become the best version of yourself and have the relationship you desire.

We design, develop and deliver relationship education programs for individuals and couples. We provide solution-focused counselling to help you to develop a strong sense of self and a vision of what to do with your life to make the world a more loving place.

Fundamentally, we believe that people are born to be in relationships where we are each encouraged to be our best self and to create an environment where we and others can grow.  Imagine how the world could be different if everyone was able to be personally secure and in loving relationships with others.

How We Have Helped People Like You 


Sue was able to help shed some light on the issues facing my partner and I. She showed us a completely different way of approaching relationships. We have clear and effective communication strategies to employ which helped us reach a level of understanding we never thought possible.

If you're looking for answers on where your relationship is going, how it got there and why things need to change. Sue is extremely capable of getting you those answers.

Cameron Brown


If you are looking for a counselor who is compassionate and intuitive as well as practical, Sue is the right choice for you. Prompt and professional communication, good follow up afterwards and the counselling itself was eye opening and refreshing.

Sue helps you to set an objective for the session, focuses on giving you as many strategies as possible and works with you until you feel the objective has been met.

I highly recommend Sue and will visit her again in the future.

Yolandi Lindeman


Sue is such an amazing lady! I instantly felt comfortable with her and was able to share my worries. She was able to help me isolate what was going on for me and then help me recognise my strengths. Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to explain things in an easy to understand manner. I now feel more capable and prepared to take the necessary steps in my relationship.

Vicki S

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